Cookies Policy

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About cookies and purpose

The website sends a cookie to the user’s browser where it gets stored for future reference. The data that a cookie holds is referenced by the browser and contains stateful information (such as your login information for your convenience or your language preferences). Cookies explicitly placed by Zazu are first-party cookies, these are required for the regular use of the website, and services. Cookies placed by other vendors are third party cookies – which are cookies set by different domains than Zazu – these are for our statistical and analytical efforts to enhance your user experience.

In more detail. Zazu uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • Assisting you in navigation through the Zazu dashboard;
  • Analyzing the number of visitors to the website;
  • Aiding in your ability to provide feedback;
  • Examining your use of the site so that improvements can be made to the user experience.
Statistical cookies

Hotjar is a session recording and heat mapping service provided by Hotjar Ltd. Zazu utilizes analytical tools offered by Hotjar, specifically the session recording and heat mapping services. Examples of data collected are how much time a user spends on which pages, which links are clicked, and what users do and do not like. A heat map is a visual representation of points of interest indicated by mouse movement and clicks. Points where users show frequent mouse movement and clicks will light up on the page stating that position has increased interest. With the help of heat maps, it is possible to monitor and analyze the use of the website and what content should be the focus of optimization. The site will be adjusted in iterative cycles so that users can take in information and cues more accurate, and this is done depending on users’ behavior seen in heat maps. With the addition of session recordings, the behavior and flow of use of users can be stored and made available for later visual playback.

This information is stored in a pseudonymized user profile. Neither Zazu nor Hotjar will ever use this data to identify users or to match it with further data on users. With this pseudonymized information and feedback, a better website and service can be built and maintained. Hotjar makes use of cookies and other technologies to collect data on users’ behavior and their devices. For these devices, the data that will be collected are the devices IP address (captured and maintained strictly and only in an anonymized form), the screen size of the device, device type (by utilizing unique device identifiers), browser information, geographic location (country only), and preferred language.

Hotjar honors generic „Do Not Track” headers, and this means the user can instruct the browser not to accept cookies that collect any of the user's data. This setting is available in all major browsers. For more information, please refer to the privacy policy of Hotjar in this link. To opt-out of Hotjar’s creation of a user profile and the use of tracking cookies on other websites, follow this opt-out link.

Analytical cookies

Google Analytics is a website analysis service provided by Google Inc. With the use of Google Analytics, website traffic can be collected and examined on the use of the website and service. Reports on website traffic and activities are generated automatically and help in the optimization of the website flow and content to engage users further.

By installing the Google Analytics opt-out browser plug-in, you can opt-out of the tracking activities of Google Analytics. The plug-in prevents scripts from Google Analytics loading up. For more information on the privacy practices of Google, please visit the Google Privacy & Terms web page.

You can change your cookies settings by clicking the button below. It is recommended to set your cookies settings to the recommended option as this ensures optimal use of the Zazu website and service.