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Emma and Ben will save you countless emails and frustrations by scheduling your meetings. Simply add [email protected] or [email protected] in the Cc field – no pesky applications or plug-ins needed. Just like a human personal assistant, Emma and Ben takes care of those annoying email back-and-forths and sets the date, time and location for you.

Features & Benefits

Meeting scheduling made simple


Simply Cc [email protected] or [email protected] in your email thread to schedule a meeting. Just like a human assistant, Emma and Ben takes care of those pesky email back-and-forths and sets the date, time and location for you.

Not yet another app on your phone, or the tenth plug-in in your email browser. Registration is a simple click and once you have signed up at Zazu, you’re ready to go.

Share your Google Calendar (and soon Office 365 Calendar) with Emma and Ben. They now know your availability – and availability only – and can add new meetings to your calendar.

Do not change the way you communicate in your emails – Emma and Ben understand plain English. No need for complicated operations or syntax. It’s that simple.

Privacy by Design

Confidential Conversations

By building algorithms and AI models in-house, Zazu can eliminate the requirement and dependency on third-party API's.

Industry Standard Security

Maximum protection of personal data with the use of enterprise-grade digital protection and multi-factor access management systems.

Strict Access and Control

All sign-ins employ multi-factor authentication and role-based user access control. Security is enforced with the use of DKIM, SPF, and SSL.


Ever-evolving AI


Emma and Ben are learning with each and every interaction and gets better at knowing your scheduling preferences and managing your calendar every time.

By signing up and delegating your scheduling needs to Emma and Ben, you not only save time and money but also help create the most powerful AI.

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